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We provide insightful market analysis and account management founded upon our very successful systematic, disciplined approach to investing. Our investment analysis revolves around only two inputs: valuation and our market-based indicators. Learn more about our approach and our strategist.

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  • Trend Model  and  Sector Allocation Model for asset allocators, as well as our numerous market statistic-based proprietary indicators. Using quantitative optimization techniques within our proprietary allocation models, combined with our Composite Market Risk Indicators, these models have generated exceptional outperformance in our portfolios.

  • Regular market commentary and updates giving our strategist’s insights on current market conditions and forecasts.

  • Our current DGR portfolio holdings and alerts on tactical trading opportunities with assessment of risk/return potential on each proposed trade.

External Fund Management based on our successful Dynamic Global Rotation strategy. Professional money managers may contact us for details.  Smaller investor segregated managed accounts are also now available.