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Owen Williams’ primary fields of research include International Finance, Capital and Currency Markets, Investments, Portfolio Management, & Asset Pricing.

Journal articles

Williams, S.O. (2014) Country ETFs, Currencies, and International Diversification. Journal of Asset Management.

Williams, S.O. (with Maurer, F.) (2015) Physically versus Synthetically Replicated Trackers. Is There a Difference in Terms of Risk? Journal of Applied Business Research.

Williams, S.O. (2015) Foreign Currency Exposure Within Country Exchange Traded Funds. Frontiers In Finance.

Working Papers:

Time-Varying Currency Risk Premiums in Zero Interest Rate Environments

Informational Efficiency in Emerging Market Equity Options

Les ETFs Physiques vs Synthétiques: Quelle Structure A Privilégier

Dissertation: Une Analyse de l’Impact des Taux de Change sur la Performance et les Bénéfices de Diversification des Fonds Pays Indiciels Selon la Méthode de Réplication