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WMA Homeland Security Index

The WMA Homeland Security Index is an investable index through the Interactive Broker and Foliofn platforms. The expense ratio for the tracker fund is 0.85%, lower than many specialty ETFs.  For help finding the index fund on Foliofn or Interactive Brokers, contact us directly.

Motivation for investing in the security theme:

Security concerns have become an unfortunate part of life in the 21st century. From global terrorism and military conflicts in the Middle East to cyber crimes and inner-city violence, more and more resources are being committed to protecting citizens. President Trump is committed to building a bigger and stronger U.S. military. Security screening is intensifying at airports, stadiums, and other places of assembly. Cyber criminality has cost a combined total of $113 billion over the past 12-months and corporations are increasingly ratcheting up their spending on fighting cyber threats. President Trump has also promised a society of law and order with expanded policing including “stop-and-frisk” to clean up inner cities. Significant taxpayer money will be allocated to reinforce America’s law enforcement resources. The WMA Homeland Security Index specifically targets firms who will benefit from the war on terrorism and crime.

The latest monthly update is shown below (click on PDF link below if image does not appear).

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